Fashion has always been, and still is a part of my life. From a young age, I worked in the textile industry in the family business. I acquired a taste for colour and aesthetics and I specialized in fabrics that I brought from all over the world.

Painting started as a hobby and for the past 15 years, I haven’t been able to stop: paintings, T-shirts, sweathsirts…

When I started this project, I discovered that I had the opportunity to create something bigger: to provide the daring with a different type of clothing, with a risky touch.

When I design, I am always inspired by everything that surrounds me, be it exhibitions, street art, films, people, or even nature itself. Any stimulus can give me an idea. Now those ideas have taken shape and LeFugu is a reality.





I am a partner of an advertising agency, NCA. My voracity to learn hasn’t allowed me to stop studying. Advertising, marketing, photography… always something new every day.

A born entrepreneur, I never get tired of betting on good ideas. That’s why I joined the LeFugu adventure.

My love for travel is what brought Álvaro and I together, in fact, we met in Egypt more than 20 years ago. Since then we have been bound by our spirit of Wanderlust.

I am passionate about art in all its forms, hence my admiration and respect for creativity. I also love reading and gastronomy.

I hope you enjoy the original and creative clothes we offer to everyone looking for something different and out of the ordinary.