The LeFugu difference: curiosity and our spirit of Wanderlust.

For those with the Wanderlust gene, this is our way of life: a continuous need to travel, to discover new places, to not know what the next destination will bring. Because freedom if not felt, is not understood.

We are hooked on dopamine, the neurotransmitter of pleasure, we are the LUST generation. We are ambitious for pleasure, for the unknown, and to try new things like the exotic Fugu fish. It’s delicious, but would you dare try it knowing that it could end your life? We would.

And so we live like this, close to the edge, day by day, time flying. An insatiable life, but enourmously gratifying. With an open mind which allows you to meet other cultures, other people and to nourish your soul with them. Devourers of experiences inspire us.

The genetic code of LeFugu is full of the Wanderlust gene.  The inspiration lies in travel, in the wealth of exotic things that surround us. We are irreverent and we love it. And we want to put this on our shirts­– something different, daring, and ready to go with you at a moment’s notice to travel the world.