Fugu Kite Men’s T-shirt

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T-Shirts. Printed T-shirts created with artistry and passion. Natural Cotton extra premium soft. T-shirts of the highest quality. Manufactured in the EU, with the utmost attention to detail. Free delivery across Europe by certified mail.



Roll the dice!

The design that most represents our vision and essence: The Fugu… AKA, the puffer fish. Exotic, delicious but quite possibly lethal. Do you dare to take a bite knowing that death could be just moments away? Our men’s Fugu Kite shirt invites you to put all your cards on the table.

Product’s Characteristics

  • T-shirt manufactured in the EU.
  • 100% premium (175grms/m2) cotton, subjected to enzyme washing for softness and a better tailored fit.
  • High quality, hand finished serigraphy on the front and back. Realistic, embossed printing.
  • Rounded hem with corporate ribbon branding (grosgrain) on both sides.
  • Open collar with under seaming covered with corporate ribbon branding.


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