Zebra Dot Sweatshirt

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Printed sweatshirt. Creative sweatshirts for artistic men and women. Seriagraphy created with passion. Made with the highest quality Italian plush fabric woven 100% premium natural 260gram cotton. Extra soft. Manufactured in the EU. Free delivery across Europe by certified mail.



Never hide yourself away. Put yourself on show and be proud of your individuality. No two stripes are the same.

Like our fingerprints, the stripes of the zebra are unique. Don`t underestimate the individuality of your own stripes. They make you special. As special as our Zebra Dot sweatshirt.

Product´s Characteristics

  • Unisex sweatshirt. Manufactured in the EU.
  • Made with the highest quality Italian plus fabric woven with 100% premium natural 260grs/m2 cotton. Subjected to enzyme washing for softness and better tailored fit.
  • High quality serigraphy on the back and front, hand finished
  • Corporate ribbon branding finish in the interior of the collar.


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