Paper Boat Women’s T-shirt

41,95 (IVA incluido)

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Printed T-shirts created with artistry and passion. Natural Cotton extra premium soft T-shirts of the highest quality. Manufactured in the EU, with the utmost attention to detail. Free delivery across Europe by certified mail.



Have you ever dreamed about sailing away on a paper boat? Awaken your inner child.

Cast off, drift away, enjoy the journey, dream. But never forget to anchor to reality when you return. Our Paper Boat women’s T-shirt will keep you your feet planted on solid ground.

Product’s characteristics

  • T-shirt manufactured in the EU.
  • 100% premium (175grms/m2) cotton, subjected to enzyme washing for softness and a better tailored fit.
  • High quality, hand finished serigraphy on the front and back.
  • Rounded hem with corporate ribbon branding (grosgrain) on both sides
  • Open collar with under seaming covered with corporate ribbon branding.


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