Alive, original, and restless, that is the spirit of LeFugu. Distinct and original clothing, with a passionate, explosive, and wild touch. Fashion is art and art is all that is graced with creativity and frenzy. LeFugu is art that you can wear.


On a terrace in Barcelona, at the hand of Álvaro Prieto, LeFugu was born. Self-taught and born curious, he decided to join his two worlds, art and fashion, to paint something different.

Madrid, Sydney, Río, BCN, Montevideo… was where he left his mark.

In 2015, Carmen Suárez joined the project and LeFugu took shape, two globetrotters full of force, together in the same boat rowing against the current with this idea.

Welcome to the daring world of originality, color, shape, and lines. As risky as that Eastern tradition of tasting the poisonous pufferfish, the Fugu. But without risk there is no success.


An incurable syndrome moves us: the constant search for something different. This has brought us to remote countries with exotic cultures and new friendships.

Our impetus to absorb everything that surrounds us begins with feeling every experience, absorbing art, living cinema, hearing fashion, breathing music… ultimately feeding the soul.

And the best way to do this is to never stop traveling, to be explorers of our desires, because it is there where inspiration is hidden. Some call us globetrotters, but we prefer to call it the spirit of Wanderlust.


· We manufacture our clothing in the EU with the best materials to bring you high-quality and sustainable clothing. We are committed to developing sustainable production and respecting the environment.

· LeFugu is committed to support freedom regardless of sex, race, belief, sexual orientation as well as the defense of minors.

· We have permanent communication channels with our clients, both in the contact section in our online store and through social media.